Tandoori cuisine is a term used to refer to the variety of dishes that are cooked in tandoor which is basically a cylindrical clay and metal oven used for cooking and baking different cultural cuisines. There and many different types of tandoori cuisines that exist, this method of cooking originated in the southern, western and central regions of Asia to eventually be incorporated into other types of cooking form such as Indian cuisine and other culturally inspired foods around the world.

Tandoori cuisine

One of the most popular types of Tandoori meals are chicken based dishes. Tandoori chicken is infused with bold and exocitic spicies which provides you a beautiful dining experience. There are various ways to prepare and cook tandoori chicken although the most common form is yogurt and masala marinated dish that is quite popular in places like India,Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are a lot of Indian Tandoori recipes that exist and are derived from traditional meals which have their own twist to give you an amazing taste experience every single time you try them out.

North Indian Cuisine is another very popular form of traditional Indian cuisine that comes from a very diverse and vast background of intense flavors made by rich spices used in prep and cooking of a particular dish. Indian cuisine has many dishes for each festival there is with their own fun and different flavors made from different bold spices and herbs. There are many great Indian restaurants that you can visit and find what the fuss is all about. With the growing popularity of Indian cuisine it is not hard to find the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne that serves all the great food that you’re looking for.

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