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Dinner Pack

Dinner Pack 2

2 Pcs Veg Samosa, 2 Pcs Chicken Tikka, 2 Non Veg Curries (No Goat, No Seafood), 1 Veg Curry, 2 Rice, 4 Naan

1 Non Veg Curry
1 Non Veg Curry
1 Veg Curry
$60.00 Add

Dinner Pack 1

2 Pcs Veg Samosa, 1 Non-Veg Curry (No goat, No Seafood), 1 Veg Curry, 1 Rice, 3 Naans

1 Non Veg Curry
1 Veg Curry
$39.99 Add

Entree - Vegetarian Special

Samosa (2PCS)

A crispy pastry filled with potatoes and peas

Paneer Pakoras

Cottage cheese fritters served with tomato sauce

Onion bhaji (4 PCS)

Sliced onion, coated in a chickpeas batter and fried.

Aloo tikki (3 pieces)

Potato cakes cooked on the grill and served with tamarind sauce.

Aloo tikki chaat (2 pieces)

Potato cakes cooked on the grill, topped with chaat sauces and garnished with chopped onions, tomato and coriander

Chaat Papdhi

Crisp pastry wrappe, diced potatoes & chopped onions topped with chaat sauce and spices

Samosa chole

Samosa served with chick peas curry, tamarind sauce and roasted cumin powder.

Tandoori Paneer

Chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a clay oven.

Irani Paneer Tikka

Chunks of paneer marinated in yogurt, cream nuts and herbs and spices and cooked in clay oven.

Mixed veg Manchurian

Vegetable dumplings stir fried in garlic and soya sauce.

Chilli Garlic Paneer

Paneer tossed with fresh garlic and chilli sauce and served on a sizzling platter

Cheese chilli

Batter fried paneer tossed in chilli sauce

Paneer 65.

Batter frying the paneer until crisp and then it is tossed in a yogurt based tempering masala 

Soya Malai Chaap Protein rich healthy tender pieces of soya marinated with yogurt , cream and our secret ingredients roasted in tandoor to perfection.
Dahi Bhalle

Soft and fluffy, deep-fried lentil fritters dunked in creamy yoghurt, topped with different kinds of sweet spicy chutneys and then garnished with spice powder. 

Bhalla Papdhi Chaat

Combination of bhalla and papdhi topped with yoghurt and different kinds of sweet spicy chutneys and then topped with spice powder.

Non - Vegetarian Special

Tandoori Murgh with Bones

Marinated whole chicken with royal Indian masala and cooked in clay oven

Chicken Tikka without Bones

Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken thigh fillet marinated overnight and cooked in our clay oven

Afghani chicken with bones

Marinated whole chicken with cream, yogurt, nuts and Indian herbs and cooked in clay oven

Afghani chicken boneless

Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken thigh fillet marinate over night with cream, yogurt ,nuts and Indian herbs and cooked in clay oven 

Achari chicken (pickle tikka)

Spicy version of chicken tikka marinated with zesty spicy pickle masala

Chicken Pakoras

Chicken pieces dipped in gram flour and deep fried served with mint sauce and salad.

Chicken 65

Fried battered chicken , stir fried in a special yogurt based sauce.

Seekh Rampuri

Lamb mince infused with a special selection of masala, skewered and cooked in our clay oven.

Barra kebab (4 PCS)

Lamb cutlet marinated with yogurt and tandoori spices, and cooked in a clay oven

Amritsari Fish

Fillet of basa dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried served with onion salad

Tandoori Prawn

Prawn flavored with spices and marinade and cooked in tandoor

Prawn Pakora

Prawn dipped in spicy gram flour batter and deep fried. Served with mint sauce and salad.

Vegetarian Dishes (Haryali Bagh)

Malai kofta

Paneer and potato dumplings served in a tomato and cashew nut curry.

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked with cashew nut sauce on low heat with tomatoes &dried fenugreek leaves

Mutter Paneer

Paneer and peas cooked in tomato and onion based curry

Palak Paneer

Dry combination of spicy spinach and homemade cottage cheese.

Paneer taka tak

A cottage cheese prepration cooked in tangy tomato and ginger sauce

Kadhi Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in a spicy tomato based sauce, flavored with fresh coriander , capsicum and onion.

Moghalai Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in onion gravy with cream and nuts.

Paneer Masala

Paneer masala curry made with fine chopped onion, tomato, ginger and garlic and chef own secret masala

Paneer Butter Masala

A popular and super rich creamy Punjabi curry made with cottage cheese and cooked through tomato, cashew gravy and butter. 

Paneer Bhurji

Scrambled cottage cheese with onion, tomatoes and spices.

Paneer Lababdar

Paneer cubes are dipped in rich tomato based gravy with onion cashew and chef’s own spices.

Daal Dhaba

Combination of black lentils and kidney beans simmered overnight with freshly ground spices and finished with fresh coriander.

Daal Makhani

Indian vegetarian dish that contain urade beans, simmered in a smooth sauce sautéed with tomatoes, onion and mild spices

Daal Tarka

Yellow daal cooked with clarified butter, green coriander, served with shredded ginger.

Channa Masala

Chickpeas cooked with onion, garlic, ginger and spices served slightly spicy.

Mix vegetable (Dry sabji)

Fresh seasonal vegetables in a spicy dry curry base with touch of capsicum & fresh green chilli.

Navratan korma

Seasonal mixed vegetable in almond based curry sauce and dash of whole cream.

Eggplant Masala

Simple eggplant curry with onions, tomatoes and ground spices.

Mushroom Masala

Mushroom cooked in onion tomato based curry with aromatic spices.

Creamy Mushroom

Methi malhi, mutter, mushroom cooked in creamy sauce.

Jeers Aloo

Potatoes tossed with jeera, cumin and dry masala

Poultry and Meat

Butter chicken (Aussie style)

Chicken breast cooked in the clay oven and served in a velvety smooth curry sauce that include cream, tomato gravy, cashew nut paste and finally garnished with coriander.

Punjabi butter chicken (Punjabi style)

Chicken thigh cooked in clay oven and simmers in a buttery tomato sauce and punctuated by several spices and herbs and cream and finally garnished with piece of butter and coriander. 

Chicken tikka masala

Tandoor roasted chicken tikka tossed with onion and capsicum then coated in fresh , tomato based sauce.

Chicken do-piaja

This dish is prepared in traditional cast iron “kadhi” enhancing the flavors of the meat.

Punjabi chicken curry

Chicken marinated in traditional yoghurt and spices

Kadhi chicken

Chicken cooked in a red tomato based sauce with freshly ground spices and capsicum and onion.

Chilli chicken

Chilli chicken is made with crispy chicken chunks and lightly tossed in a chilli sauce.

Mango chicken

Boneless chicken cooked through with Guneet’s special curry masala and mango puree. A mild, simple yet elegant dish to bring a mango flavor to those taste buds.

Lamb rogan josh

Pieces of lamb simmered with yoghurt and spices until tender.

Kadhi lamb

Lamb cooked with onion and capsicum with onion gravy.

Lamb masala

Lamb cooked with onion gravy

Madras curry

An old classic comes from the southern Indian city of madras with mustard seeds and coconut cream.

Korma zafar shahi

A rich creamy sauce flavored with ground cashew nuts which is mild on palate yet full of flavor


Curry a Portuguese inspired dish from Goa where the meat is rest ped in vinegar & garlic then cooked with traditional whole spices very hot.

Gosht saag wala

Meat cooked with fresh , pureed spinach with Indian herbs & spices.

Achari curry (pickle)

It is aromatic, flavorful and tangy dish made with same spices that are typically used to make Indian pickles.

BAKRAROGANI (Goat Meat) chef special

goat meat cooked in onion gravy with herbs and spices.

GOAT MASALA - Guneet’s special

Muglaidum cooking is used where goat is sealed with spices and left for very gentle cooking.

Main - Seafood Treasure (Samundari Khazana)

Prawn jalfrezi

Tiger prawn sauteed with ground spices onion and capsicum

Malabari jhingaee khas

Prawn cooked in creamy coconut sauce infused with caram seeds and capsicum

Chilli Garlic

Prawns battered , fried and tossed in a chilli garlic sauce.

Prawn masala

Prawn tossed in capsicum, onion, tomatoes and cooked through with Guneet’s special spicy sauce

Coconut prawn curry

Prawn stir in coconut gravy and freshly chopped ginger and garlic

Goan fish curry

Aromatic fish curry with cool coconut milk and lots of spices.

Fish Malabar

Fish curry with ground coconut in typical Malabar style.

Fish Masala

Fish tossed with onion, tomatoes cooked through with our special spicy sauce

Prawn Tikka Masala

Marinated prawns fried in butter and cooked in flavor some tangy curry


Plain basmati rice
Saffron rice
Jeera rice

rice cooked with ghee and cumin

Lemon coconut rice

rice cooked with coconut cream, lemon and mustard seed 

Kashmiri pulao

sweet saffron rice cooked with fruits and nuts 

Egg fried rice

stir fried rice tossed with scrambled eggs.

Hydrabadi biryani

meat pieces cooked with special herbs & served with basmati rice.

Punjabi biryani

mixed seasonal vegetables cooked with basmati rice



Plain white flour bread

Butter naan

Bread stuffed with butter

Garlic Naan

Bread with fresh garlic and coriander

Cheese Naan

Bread stuffed with cheese and spices

Garlic Cheese Naan

Bread stuffed with cheese and spices and topped with garlic

Kashmiri Naan

Stuffed with carrot, dried fruit and nuts

Keema Naan

stuffed with spiced mince lamb

Paneer kulcha

stuffed with paneer and spices

Prantha varities
Lachha Prantha

wholemeal bread stuffed with butter

Tandoori Roti

plain whole meal bread

Chur-chur Naan

crushed naan


Pappadums (4CS)
Mixed pickle
Kachumber salad
Sirka onion (vinegar)
Green salad


Gulab jamun
Pista kulfi
Rasmalai (2PCS)
Tutti frutti


Mango lassi
Strawberry lassi
Punjabi masala lassi
Sweet Punjabi lassi
Mint lemon masala soda
Nimboo masala soda
Diet coke
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