When people talk of binge eating on Indian cuisine, they usually always refer to North Indian foods. Aside from chicken and other meat dishes, seafood has also been added to the menu. Because of the spices and seasonings used, Indian seafood has a unique taste. When it comes to seafood, fish is one of the most obvious options. Fish curries are great for dinners and are absolutely delicious. Furthermore, many individuals choose to eat fish-based curries due to their high nutritional value. In comparison to other non-vegetarian cuisines, fish curries are less spicy. Fish curries infused with Indian flavors are tummy-filling to the core. Almost every fish curry preparation has a different collection of ingredients, and you can choose the meal based on your preferences. You can also try some delicious fish curries at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne. Check out these amazing curries that are the must for any fish lover.


Amritsari fish is a popular street snack that is also served as a starter at many restaurants and parties. Fish fritters seasoned with basic spices are known as Amritsari fish. The fritters are bound together using grams flour and egg, and the flavour comes from carom seeds.Restaurant-style Punjabi food includes a lot of ghee, butter, and cream, whereas home-cooked food contains a lot of whole wheat, rice, and other masala-flavored ingredients.


Punjabi cuisine is hearty and flavorful, with a rustic feel to it. Cooking in communal ovens or tandoors is still practised in certain rural areas today. The cuisine is known for its abundance of dairy products such as malai, paneer, and dahi. Dals, which are made from entire pulses like as black gramme, green gramme, and Bengal gramme, are a specialty of this cuisine. They’re made over a low heat and simmered for hours until they’re creamy, then seasoned with spices and finished with malai for a rich finish. The cuisine is very delicious.


Tandoori fish tikka is a tender fish marinated in a traditional Indian tandoori masala before being crisped to perfection.All of the ingredients in this recipe are naturally gluten-free and low-carb, including the fish, vegetables, yoghurt, oil, and seasonings.Tandoori fish is basically cooked in a tandoori marinade with chilli, cumin & coriander. It’s a best and tasty option for appetizers. 

Indulge in delightful fish-based dishes at a Melbourne Indian restaurant.

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